Hoi An Memory Show

Hoi An Memory Show Introduction

As known as the world’s most beautiful show called “Hoi An Memory Show ” and also has another name” Hoi An Impression Park ”. The show is performed daily and meticulously staged by nearly 200 dancers gathered across Vietnam.

Taking the unique idea of bringing the real culture of Vietnam to the world, the Hoi An Memory Show is dedicated invested in script building and the quality of each performance every day.

Hoi An Impression Park is a performing arts show honoring the traditional ao dai of the Vietnamese people. The performance icon that recreates the stories of Hoi An from four centuries ago will make people not want to miss  a single second when watching this show.


Hoi An memories show is one of the a World-class outdoor visual art performance theatre with 3,300-seat and 25,000 square meters area, the stage Itself looks like a Hollywood stage.

The show itself is on an artificial islet built in October 2017 on the Thu Bon river. After a short period, a 2.0 version has been launch in May 2018 with lots of improvements in story content, art and culture identity, etc. This fabulous cultural art performance will take you on a historic journey from the beginning of Hoi An old town until now. The Hoi An Memory Show is divided into 5 important parts.

Part 1: Hoi An’s Life

Hoi An Life is the first part of the show, It reappears the colorful picture of the costume, culture, rustic life of Hoi An Locals from 3,000 years ago.

In this part, you will enjoy fishermen started to build their houses and settle down. You will see the town began from a small fishing village with his family and around them, Hoi An bloom from the earth.

Part 2: The weddings

To be grateful for the contribution of princess Huyen Tran to expand the country to the south of Vietnam. This scene portrays the solemn wedding of Princess Huyen Tran and King Che Man in the past. This is an impressive performance but realistic against a backdrop of Cham Pa tower temples, royal dances, and cultural customs.

You will immerse your soul in the ancient wedding. Costumes are also various and colorful with Champa culture. Moreover, at this wonderful wedding, you will see the elephants – the symbol of Cham culture.

Part 3: Lamps and sea

This part is a scene of a loyal wife desperately waiting for her husband, a sailor who has not come home for a long time. Because of the sadness and hopelessness, she turns into a stone statue.

At the end of the story, the man returns, feeling wretched, he writhes in anguish beside his wife’s statue. This touching love drama is not told by any words but by hundreds of professional dancers in traditional costumes.

Part 4: Hoi An International Trading Port

As you know, Hoi An was an international trading port of Vietnam and Asia from the 16th century. So this part represents Hoi An trading port on the stage along with international traders from Japan, China, Holland, France, India, etc.

The main point of the show is the traders traveling to Hoi An to do their business and join the Hoi An festivals. You will enjoy the glorious time of Hoi An in the past and admire every detail which has been well prepared by the crew.

Part 5: Vietnamese Traditional Costume, Áo Dài

Hoi An is one of the very few cities in the world that still keep almost everything in the past through the up and down of history. That is the priceless value that Hoi An people still preserve and proud of.

The end of the Hoi An Memory Show is an Ao Dai performance with a beautiful background of ancient structures of Hoi An. These national values have been well preserved until now.

Hoi An Memory Show opening time and tickets.

Hoi An Memory show has the duration of 1 hour 15 minutes from 19:30 to 20:45 and open from every night except for Tuesday. Because of the covid-19, the show just available on weekends.

Hoi An Memories show has 3 ticket levels based on seat position. It costs around VND 300.000 to VND 450.000/ child (roughly 13 to 19 USD).

For adults, it costs VND 600.000 to VND 900.000/ person (roughly USD 23 to USD 39). You can book the ticket online in advance but if not you can always buy the ticket in front of the theater entrance.

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