An Bang Cemetery- City of Ghosts Hue, Vietnam

An Bang Cemetery Introduction

Hue, a green, peaceful and beautiful city in central Vietnam. Hue city is not only famous for the Imperial Citadel, Perfume River, Royal tombs of the Nguyen dynasty but also famous for the luxury cemetery in An Bang Village as known as the City of Ghosts Hue, Vietnam.


An Bang Cemetery Hue, Where is it?

The City of Ghosts Hue is a famous cemetery, it is considered the most luxurious and magnificent cemetery in Vietnam. It is located in the fishing village of An Bang, Thua Thien – Hue province, which is 35 km east of Hue city. There are thousands of tombs of all colors and sizes, some of which are worth billions of VND.


It was commented by the Daily Mail (UK) as “a strange, colorful and lavish cemetery” covers an area of about 250 hectares (2.5 square kilometers) with an amount over 3000 tombs.

Why An Bang Cemetery called the City of Ghosts Hue?

The first reason is Hue residents attach the building graves for ancestors. To them, the grateful to one’s benefactor idea is ingrained into their subconscious. According to AFP, 90% of the villagers have relatives abroad, mainly living in the US, they send money to build luxurious tombs.


Another reason is Vietnamese people are strong believers in the afterlife. Therefore, a number of graves are fully equipped with bathroom, kitchen and personal items.

The tombs in Hue prove their position and properties, that is also the reason why they invest in the construction of the graves.

There are reasons why creating a splendid, lavish cemetery – An Bang Cemetery – City of Ghosts Hue.

An Bang Cemetery Hue, Vietnam architecture

These tombs are built with unique architecture, stretching over 3 km.Some tombs have extremely sophisticated architecture, 6 m high and carved colorful dragons into the pillars. Many new tombs were built up to 10 m high.


The Graves’s construction is full of diverse styles from Buddhism, Christianity to Confucianism … Most of the tombs in the cemetery are designed in the style of Khai Dinh Emperor.

Ancient motifs of such mascots such as dragons, unicorns, and phoenixes served only for the emperors, now we can see them in many graves here. On the stone steps, the mascots are both majestic and mighty guarding the tombs. An Bang Cemetery Vietnam will make you overwhelmed by the many regal stone lions and phoenixes carved on the roofs.

An Bang cemetery opening hours and entrance fee

The opening time of An Bang cemetery is all day and it is totally free. Therefore, we could visit here whenever we want. I advise that you should arrive here in evening in autumn or spring to find solemnity and avoiding sunny part of the day.


How to get to An Bang Cemetery

It is situated at about 30 km from the city in a suburban village. Therefore, the best way to get to the cemetery is by motorbike or by private car. It is quite near to entertainment places such as Thuan An beach, Thanh Toan Bridge, Tam Giang lagoon and so on. You can book a private car Hue to Hoi An stop to visit the City of Ghosts via Hoi An Private Car Travel and Transports.

An Bang, Vinh An, Phú Vang District, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam

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