How to get from Da Nang to Dong Hoi

How to get from Da Nang to Dong Hoi is a common question that a lot of first-time travelers have been often asked! So how to get to Dong Hoi to Da Nang? Understand that different tourist has different time, budget so, in this article, we will share with you the best ways to get from Da Nang to Dong Hoi that might be suitable for you!

How far it is from Da Nang to Dong Hoi?

Dong Hoi is located between Hanoi and Danang, far from Ha Noi Capital about 500 km of the south and about 260 km North of Da Nang, so it only takes about 5 hours to travel. Just a sleeping and you are present in Dong Hoi city.

How to get from Da Nang to Dong Hoi?

As you know, nowadays, there are many different ways to travel from Da Nang to Dong Hoi such as Da Nang to Dong Hoi train, Da Nang to Dong Hoi flight, Da Nang to Dong Hoi bus, etc. Each of them has advantage and disadvantage so today, we will , we explore different ways to get from Danang to Dong Hoi.

Da Nang to Dong Hoi by bus

The cheapest way to get from Da Nang to Dong Hoi, Quang Binh is by bus which costs $7 – $12 and takes 6 hours 20 minutes. There are many type of bus and kind of seat so you can select. You move to the central bus station of Da Nang city, the bus starts from 6:00 am to 17:00 pm to finish the route.

Or if you want to get high-quality busses, you can take the sleeping busses such as Hung Thanh Bus, TNT bus, Hai Au company, etc.

Da Nang to Dong Hoi flight

The quickest way to get from Da Nang to Dong Hoi is to fly which costs $303 – $305 each person and takes about 1 hours 15 minutes.

Although this is the fastest way, in fact, there are no direct flights from Da Nang to Dong Hoi. About theoretically, it is also possible to travel by plane, it means you have to fly to Hanoi capital or Ho Chi Minh city, and then book a flight to arrive Dong Hoi.

Da Nang to Dong Hoi Train

The most popular option for tourists is to travel by train. Travel by train to Dong Hoi takes about 5–6 hours and train tickets cost about $5–15 per seat (seats or sleeper berth). For each ticket, passengers will get 20kg of free baggage allowance. Among the kind of trains, there are also some luxury private tourist  sleeper trains such as Violette Train or Livitrans Express.

Da Nang to Dong Hoi by motorbike

From Da Nang, you can take the National Highway 1A or Ho Chi Minh road to Thua Thien Hue province, then go through Quang Tri then to Dong Hoi city. When traveling, remember to obey the traffic laws, follow the right lane and low speeding to avoid accidents and you should know how many kilometers from Da Nang to Quang Binh to have good preparation.

Da Nang to Dong Hoi by private car

It takes six and a half hours from Da Nang to Dong Hoi by private car. A private car is definitely a fast, luxurious and comfortable way to travel on this journey. Having a private driver who speaks English well ,picks up and drops off guests directly at your hotel anytime that suits you.

In this way, you can also visit other famous places by guiding of a private driver such as Vinh Moc Tunnels, Hien Luong Bridge, La Vang Holy Land, etc. Prices depend on the kind of car you choose, but you will have to pay around VND 3,300,000 ($ 142) for a four to seven seats car.

Abandoned Water Park Hue- Thuy Tien Lake

Abandoned Water Park Hue (Thuy Tien Lake) used to be the most famous water park in Vietnam. Nowadays, It seems to be abandoned and all that remains is a collection of ruined attractions with overgrown, rusted vines and drawings on them as well as the murky, algae-infested waters. It called is Thuy Tien Lake Park – where the newspaper (USA) called “horror resort”.

Thuy Tien Lake Introduction

Thuy Tien Lake Hue is an extremely strange and mysterious sightseeing place. Visitors coming to visit will be fascinated by the ghost and ruin of this place. Although it has been abandoned for a long time, tourists, especially foreigners, love to come to this mysterious park.

Abandoned Water Park Hue Location

Thuy Tien Lake is located about 10 km southwest of Hue city on the hill of Thien An, Thuy Tien lake lies just outside Huong Thuy town in Hue. It considers as an ideal attraction for visitors to Hue with its green pine forest and serene lakes.

Thuy Tien water park Vietnam history

Abandoned Water Park Hue construction started early in the year of 2000. By June 2004, many works were completed and put into operation, and this place was officially opened to tourists. The ambitious plan creates an enormous scale park, with amusement rides, water slides, pools, aquariums, performances, souvenir shops and restaurants, using a hefty budget of three million USD. However, due to inefficient operation and degraded park, it was closed for research and development of new projects by the end of 2011.

Now the Thuy Tien water park Vietnam  remains the same when it was left,nature has taken complete control over it. it is like Jurassic Park in the past time, but with grazing cows instead of dinosaurs.

Abandoned Water Park Hue, Vietnam architecture

The total area of the whole abandoned water park Hue is up to 49.9 hectares, divided into many different parts: water park, water music stage, aquarium, virtual world playing room and restaurants serving food and drink.

Dragon scroll symbol in Thuy Tien lake

One of the most unique attractions when visiting Thuy Tien Lake is the giant dragon symbol that is winding on the roof of the building. The dragon head is a shape on the top floor of the aquarium, under on the lower floors are segments of the dragon’s body. This place has a quite large scale and from here can easily move to other areas. All designs here have been controlled by nature. Therefore, when you come here, you will feel the horror, the shiver.

The Aquarium

The aquarium is the area inside of the building with the dragon symbol. To get here, visitors must have a great deal of courage. However, if you have come to Thuy Tien Lake, Do not hesitate to enter the aquarium and let’s explore all the caves and narrow alleys.

Now, the structures inside the aquarium have become desolate and ragged. Ancient aquariums had broken into many pieces.  Heading up the spiral staircase will bring you to the dragon’s head. Here, you can watch in on your eyes to fully admire the cool Thuy Tien Lake. Standing in the dragon’s head and looking down, the beauty is both romantic and mysterious, has attracted many tourists. Although it is a bit scary and disgusting, it is the unique charm of this project.

Water park area at Thuy Tien lake

 Aquarium and dragon scroll symbols are not all the most unique things in abandoned water park Hue. You can try the feeling of going through the jungle with soaring coconut trees, below the feet are lush green grass up to the knees. Passing through here will take lost visitors into the horror movies that haunt them. This is Water park area at Thuy Tien, it is not  far from the aquarium.

The system of slides is covered with green moss, and the clear lake in the past is now also cloudy and dark. The long slopes attract the plants that grow and cover them even more, making the space here creepy. Therefore, for those who can not stand the obsession, you should consider before moving to the water park.

Water music stage

One of the unique and mysterious in Thuy Tien lake abandoned water park Hue is the water music-theater area. This place used to be the place to hold vibrant art shows and attracted many visitors. Due to being abandoned for a long time, now all that remains is wild and mosses.


The benches with a capacity of up to 2,500 seats were filled with weeds, the stage area was also grown by moss. Seeing the scenery here, it is difficult to imagine the luxury and splendor of the music performances while still active.

The old car- symbol of Thuy Tien lake abandoned water park Hue

On the pine hill near Thuy Tien Lake, there is an extremely ancient artifact that attracts many young people to visit and check-in. It was an old car made of stone. The shape and color of the car are identical to the private car of the Western aristocracy.

How to get to abandoned water park Hue?

There are many ways to go to Abandoned Park, including taking a grab bike and also walking. But it is located on a hill and mountain, the road to Thuy Tien Lake is quite winding and lonely so, in my opinion, you should book tour travel to safe and funny . To explore more sights you should book Hue City Tour at Culture Pham Travel.

If you stay in Hoi An, planing to travel to Hue so you can stop to visit at Adandoned Water Park Hue before checking in at your hotel in Hue. Our professional driver will help you enjoy the Thuy Tien Lake on the way from Hoi An to Hue By Private Car.

Abandoned water park Hue opening hours

Thuy Tien lake always opens in the daytime from 6 am to 6 pm. In addition, the parking fee here is VND 10,000 / vehicle.

Abandoned water park Hue price

Although the park was abandoned and unrepaired, to enter you will have to pay VND 20,000/ person( around 1$) for the entrance fee.

An Bang Cemetery- City of Ghosts Hue, Vietnam

An Bang Cemetery Introduction

Hue, a green, peaceful and beautiful city in central Vietnam. Hue city is not only famous for the Imperial Citadel, Perfume River, Royal tombs of the Nguyen dynasty but also famous for the luxury cemetery in An Bang Village as known as the City of Ghosts Hue, Vietnam.


An Bang Cemetery Hue, Where is it?

The City of Ghosts Hue is a famous cemetery, it is considered the most luxurious and magnificent cemetery in Vietnam. It is located in the fishing village of An Bang, Thua Thien – Hue province, which is 35 km east of Hue city. There are thousands of tombs of all colors and sizes, some of which are worth billions of VND.


It was commented by the Daily Mail (UK) as “a strange, colorful and lavish cemetery” covers an area of about 250 hectares (2.5 square kilometers) with an amount over 3000 tombs.

Why An Bang Cemetery called the City of Ghosts Hue?

The first reason is Hue residents attach the building graves for ancestors. To them, the grateful to one’s benefactor idea is ingrained into their subconscious. According to AFP, 90% of the villagers have relatives abroad, mainly living in the US, they send money to build luxurious tombs.


Another reason is Vietnamese people are strong believers in the afterlife. Therefore, a number of graves are fully equipped with bathroom, kitchen and personal items.

The tombs in Hue prove their position and properties, that is also the reason why they invest in the construction of the graves.

There are reasons why creating a splendid, lavish cemetery – An Bang Cemetery – City of Ghosts Hue.

An Bang Cemetery Hue, Vietnam architecture

These tombs are built with unique architecture, stretching over 3 km.Some tombs have extremely sophisticated architecture, 6 m high and carved colorful dragons into the pillars. Many new tombs were built up to 10 m high.


The Graves’s construction is full of diverse styles from Buddhism, Christianity to Confucianism … Most of the tombs in the cemetery are designed in the style of Khai Dinh Emperor.

Ancient motifs of such mascots such as dragons, unicorns, and phoenixes served only for the emperors, now we can see them in many graves here. On the stone steps, the mascots are both majestic and mighty guarding the tombs. An Bang Cemetery Vietnam will make you overwhelmed by the many regal stone lions and phoenixes carved on the roofs.

An Bang cemetery opening hours and entrance fee

The opening time of An Bang cemetery is all day and it is totally free. Therefore, we could visit here whenever we want. I advise that you should arrive here in evening in autumn or spring to find solemnity and avoiding sunny part of the day.


How to get to An Bang Cemetery

It is situated at about 30 km from the city in a suburban village. Therefore, the best way to get to the cemetery is by motorbike or by private car. It is quite near to entertainment places such as Thuan An beach, Thanh Toan Bridge, Tam Giang lagoon and so on. You can book a private car Hue to Hoi An stop to visit the City of Ghosts via Hoi An Private Car Travel and Transports.

Hue Street Food Tour- The Best Food Tour In Hue

Hue Street Food Tour is the best food tour in Hue to enjoy all the best food at diffrent local food restaurants. As you know, Hue was the capital city of the Nguyen Dynasty from 1802 to 1945. So the food for the emperor was not only delicious but also beautiful decoration. In the past, the Nguyen emperors had 18 dishes for breakfast, 36 dishes at lunch and 18 dishes for dinner. In some special occasions, they had 54 dishes. Not only eating but also smelling and enjoying by eyes.


At 5:30 pm, our local tour guide will come to meet you up at your hotel/ homestays in Hue and we start Best Hue Street Food Tour. It is very wise of you to book this food tour because we will sample all the best Hue foods at the local restaurants. Local food restaurants are the local business. Vietnamese have a good habit to go to the market every morning to by the fresh ingredients to cook for their family. So we we won’t worry about food quality.

The first place is the local family with the famous cakes such as

Banh Beo Hue- Hue street Food Tour

Banh BeoSavoury Rice Cake (Water Fern Cake)

Banh Nam- The Best Hue Street Food

Banh NamSteamedshrimp rice cake in banana leaf.

Banh Loc cakes- Hue flavor street food tour

Banh LocSteamed cake with prawn and pork in banana leaf.

Our local tour guide will tell you how to enjoy to be like a local, the ingredients, and how to cook it.

Bun Hen- Best Hue Food Tour

After that, we will walk to the fabulous place, where we will get the most beaituful panoramic view of Hue and Perfume River to enjoy Bun Henthe Baby Clam Vermicelli. This is the rustic dish of Hue countryside and you only can find them in Hue Imperial city.

Che Hue- Street food tour in Hue.

Keep walking along the Nhu Y River, we will get to a local family to enjoy Che HueHue Sweet Soup. Che Hue comes in many different forms, colors, thickness and tastes. They often include very simple ingredients such as cereals, fruits, cassava flour, sticky rice flour, beans, etc.

Bun Bo Hue- Hue flavour street food tour

Next, we will walk along the Perfume River, go over the Truong Tien Bridge to get to Lac Thien restaurant to enjoy the best Hue Noodle Soup With Beef and the best Vietnamese River Pancakes.

The best Vietnamese Rice Pancakes.

Book Hue Street Food Tour, you will have a chance to enjoy the most imperessive beer opening performance and get a special gift from the local family there.

Before finishing our best Hue Street Food Tour, we will enjoy the best local beers in Hue and say ” Một, Hai, Ba Zô….”. Tour ends, we will walk back to your hotel. Hoi An Private Car wishes you have a wonderful evening with us!

Hue SUP Tour On The Perfume River

Hue SUP Tour On the Perfume River is the private tour to surf SUP on the poetic Perfume River. It is one of the new and acive watersport in Hue city that attracts all kinds of people join.

Nothing is more special than surfing SUP on the beautiful Perfume River, swimming in the clean, clear water as well as enjoy the most attractive moments of the Sunrise/ Sunset in Hue Imperial Citadel.

What is the SUP?

SUP is the abbreviation of the stand-up paddleboard, an interesting water sport originating from Hawaii, the mother country of modern surfing nowadays. Surfing SUP is pretty common in the World but it is just known in Vietnam these days.

Hue SUP Tour on the Perfume River- Hoi An Private Car

With the permission of the Thua Thien Hue goverment, K-event is the only travel company provide the Hue SUP Tour On the Perfume River. This is the active and dynamic watersport that help you reduce streess, get the possitive energy and improve your health.

What is the benefit of Surfing SUP on the Perfume River?

Surfing SUP on the Perfume River is a water sport activity that need the whole body working so it is way better than doing excercise in the GYM or runing.

It helps to improve your physical health: Surfing SUP is an outdoor activity recommended by many experts as a good sport routine, so it is recommended every week because of the benefits of improving your mental health and social life.

Surfing SUp On the Perfume River helps keep fits: One of the top benefits of surfing SUP known as physical activity, is weight loss. You can burn up to 400 calories per hour when kayaking at a speed of 5m / h. This means, just one-afternoon kayaking can help you burn 1600 calories.

The rate per hour is lower than for other types of exercise like running or swimming. However, Surfing SUP usually lasts several hours and this completely fixes the above problem. Especially very few people can run for more than 1 hour while Surfing SUP often identify from the beginning that they will spend a few hours to participate in this activity.

Reduce stress: If you’re feeling stuck and want to live slow down, there’s no better way to go outside. Paddles the SUP on the clear water surface, wonderful natural scenery of the river banks is definitely the best medicine when you are faced with work pressure, thinking about family or personal issues.

Improving Mental Health: Besides helping reduce stress, benefits from surfing SUP also include improved mental health. Rhythmic exercises like surfing SUP, climbing or cycling will help release the chemicals in the brain. These substances influence coordination with your mood and confidence.

This is also a great way to F5 your brain, eliminate all negative thoughts by being active and immersed in nature will help you forget all afflictions and anxieties.

Team Building and Social Connection: Surfing SUP is very easy to learn and does not require too many techniques with high difficulty and complexity so anyone can play. This is a great way to socialize and make friends. Especially on holidays, joining a Surfing SUP group is a great way to socialize. Social interaction is good for your mental health and of course, surfing SUP will directly contribute to this.

Good for the heart: Surfing SUP is good for heart health. You may not know that a person’s heart needs exercise to stay healthy. paddle the SUP will increase heart rate, and thus, heart health is also significantly improved.

Enhance your personal image: Like any sports, Surfing SUP on the Perfume River helps you enhance your personal image beyond what you can imagine, from breaking the speed, distance and personal record time to conquer challenges. , every time you succeed, though small, will help you assert yourself and be more confident.

Vitamin D Supply Activity: The ultimate benefit will probably surprise you, although this is obvious. Surfing SUP requires you to spend a lot of time outdoors so you will absorb a large amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for the body and can be obtained from food but very little. In fact, most of the vitamin D our bodies get is more than 80% from the sun. So, going out on a SUP can completely help you solve the problem of vitamin D.


Option 1: Surfing SUP on the Perfume River at the Sunrise

The best way to do excercise is to wake up early in the morning, going out for a walk, surfing SUP on Perfume river and enjoy the gentle beauty of Hue and Perfume River at the Sunrise.

Itinerary: At 5:00 am to 5:30 am, we will meet up at Da Vien boat station on Bui Thi Xuan Street, Hue City. After listening to the Surfing SUP training course, security regulations, we start surfing the SUP board on Perfume River. Enjoy the new day and beautiful moments of the Sunrise. Swimming on the clean and clear water of Perfume River, get the positive energy for an active day. We will surf from Da Vien Boat station- Quoc Hoc Memorial- Truong Tien Bridge, Ancient royal dragon boat station- back to Da Vien boat station.

Price: VND 120,000/ Person.

Option 2: Surfing SUP on the Perfume River at the Sunset.

Finish a busy and stressful day by surfing SUP on the Perfume River. It would help you remove the stressed day, release the bad chemicals in your brain and get positive energy. Moreover, it is a great chance to enjoy the most beautiful sunset moments on the poetic Perfume River.

Hue SUP Tour on the Perfume River!

Itinerary: At 17:00 pm or 17:30 pm, we will meet up at Da Vien boat station on Bui Thi Xuan Street, Hue City. After listening to the short Surfing SUP training course, safety regulations, we start surfing the SUP board on the Perfume River. It will help to reduce the stress in your brain, get positive energy and enjoy the beautiful moments of the Sunset. Moreover, you also can swim in the clear and crystal water of the river. We will surf from Da Vien Boat station- Quoc Hoc Memorial- Truong Tien Bridge, Ancient royal dragon boat station- back to Da Vien boat station.

Price: VND 120,000/ Person.

Not only famous for Hue SUP Tour on the Perfume River, Hoi An Private Car Travel also provide the best Hue City Tours such as

Dinner Cruise on the Perfume River

Hue City Group Tour

Hue City Private Tour Full Day

We guarantee the tour quality and make sure you will enjoy our services. Your happiness is our highest target!


Vietnam Locals Travel & Transport
Hoi An Old Town

Hoi An to Vinh Moc tunnel in Quang Tri by private car with English speaking driver in a day for private tour is a long transfer tour in Central Coast Vietnam. But if you have no choice or better plan then you have to visit Vinh Moc tunnel from Hoi An you can refer this tour option. Easily to search on Google or Trip Advisor with keyword Private car transfer Hoi an to Vinh Moc tunnel in Quang Tri by car or private Car Hoi An to Quang Tri… There are many results appeared. Hoi An Private Car – Managed by Vietnam Locals major in organization private transfer service with English speaking driver will bring you an excellent experience car tour.

Vietnam Locals Travel & Transport
Lang Co Beach

6:00am-Hoi An Private Car’s driver pick up you at the hotel in the morning then transport to Vinh Moc tunnel in DMZ area in Quang Tri. We will tranfer on the coast beside My Khe Beach. We may skip Marble Mountain and Sea Cloudy Pass – Hai Van Pass, Lang Co beach and Lap An Lagoon because we don’t have enough time for Vinh Moc tunnel. If you really want to take photo it them our driver can stop as your request.

Vietnam Locals Travel & Transport
Hai Van Pass

Driver will suggest you many choices of place to have the meal/ lunch in Hue or Quang Tri just up to you. After that, we go to the Vinh Moc Tunnels – where was famous with Cu Chi Tunnels in the Second world wars in Viet Nam. You can read informations in the museum and know about the useful of 3 floods deep inside ground. Moreover, you will have a chance to transform to Vietnamese’ soldiers and crouch in every small ways. Beside that, the sound of sea-waves make you more comfortable and relax after tired.

Vietnam Locals Travel & Transport
Hien Luong Bridge

Say goodbye Vinh Moc tunnel with a lot of questions in your mind: How can people live under the ground? How can they still alive after the wars? etc. We stroll down in the Hien Luong Bridge and Ben Hai River. From there, you will see the Big Flag Tower with more than 30m; you also read a lot of statistics about the wars in Quang Tri, sympathy for victims imbue the dioxin-poisons. Besides, you also walk in the old Hien Luong Bridge, take a look around DMZ and see the Wish of unified Statue so see the hunger for unified Viet Nam.

Vietnam Locals Travel & Transport
La Vang Church

Leaving 17th parallel, our driver drop you at hotel or restaurant everywhere you want it’s not too far in City centre in the afternoon. End of service.

Other places below you can refer for your trip on next day:
-Stop at La Vang church – The Holly Land of Catholism one of the famous Church in Vietnam: 10$/sedan

-Stop at Quang Tri Ancient Citadel to see how hardly consequences of the wars: 15$/sedan

-Stop at Doc Mieu to see the electrical Macmanama fences: 10$/sedan

-Stop at Khe Sanh Combat Base: 60$ – But not enough time, you may skip other places stop on the way.

-Stop at Lao Bao Bordergate: not service

Vietnam Locals Travel & Transport
Vinh moc Tunnels

Entrance tickets of many places may you interested:
Vinh Moc Tunnels: 40.000vnd
Combo Flag tower, Museum and walk in Hien Luong 2 colours Bridge: 40.000vnđ
La Vang Holly Land: Free
Quang Tri Ancient Citadel: Free
Khe Sanh Combat Base: 40.000vnd
Service time: 6:00am – 8:00pm. If your trip is out of this time, surcharge 200.000vnd/hour

Vietnam Locals Travel & Transport
Khe Sanh CombatBase


Capability Price Car fleet Baggage
4 seats
(Max 3 persons)
3,350,000 VND
Private Car with driver
Max – 2
7 seats
(Max 4 persons)
3,950,000 VND
Rent Car with driver
Max – 3
16 seats
(Max 8 persons)
4,900,000 VND
Car Rental with driver
Max – 6

Inclusions: A/C private car, English speaking driver, petrol, road tolls & parking fee.
Exclusions: Entrance fees, tour guide, personal expenses and gratuities tips for guide or driver.

Choose more Hue tours, Hoi An tours, Danang tours you may interest…

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Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, part of Marriott International, Inc. today announces the debut of Sheraton Grand Danang Resort in Danang City. Sheraton Grand Danang Resort is situated on the tranquil beachfront of Non Nuoc Beach and joins 37 other Sheraton Grand properties across the globe. Sheraton Grand is the brand’s collection of premier hotels and resorts recognized for their enticing destinations, distinguished designs, and excellence in service and guest experiences.

Sheraton Grand Danang Resort
Sheraton Grand Danang Resort

“As one of the most global brands in Marriott International’s portfolio, the Sheraton brand has had many firsts in the industry,” said Mike Fulkerson, Brand and Marketing, Marriott International, Asia Pacific. “We are pleased to debut the brand in Danang City, Vietnam and furthermore, a resort with the Sheraton Grand designation. We believe that the opening of the resort will underscore the brands’ commitment to providing exceptional service to our guests and a great culture for our associates – setting an elevated benchmark for hospitality in Danang City.”

Sheraton Grand Danang Resort
Sheraton Grand Danang Resort

Just 20 minutes from Danang airport to Sheraton Grand Danang Resort by private car. Hotel provides direct access to Danang’s most prestigious beaches, tourist and cultural attractions and close proximity to UNESCO Heritage landmarks such as Hoi An Old Town and Hue Ancient Capital. The resort is located on the white sandy beach of Non Nuoc, encompassing two 6-floor hotel blocks: a 130 hotel rooms and suites including the Ambassador Suite and the other 128 rooms and suites including the luxurious Presidential Suite with private lift and helipad access.

Sheraton Grand Danang Resort
Sheraton Grand Danang Resort

“Non Nuoc Beach is quickly becoming the trendy upper scale beach resort destination of Vietnam with many luxury developments underway,” said Frank Bochmann, General Manager of Sheraton Grand Danang Resort.  “With the innovative programming and signature Sheraton service culture, we are confident that Sheraton Grand Danang Resort will be one of the icons in Danang City.”

Luxury Car Transfer Danang airport to Sheraton Grand Danang
Luxury Car Transfer Danang airport to Sheraton Grand Danang

All rooms at Sheraton Grand Danang Resort feature the Sheraton Signature Sleep Experience™ with either views of the over sparkling ocean or the longest tropical infinity pool in Danang City. Guestrooms and suites in one, two and three-bedrooms are tailored for every guest’s needs. All rooms are adorned with elevated classic decor with a touch of modernity, and also an extended private balcony. Rooms are specially angled towards the coastline as a gesture to celebrate the coastal environment and frame views. Interiors are sophisticatedly designed, with an occasional splash of color, allowing the rich environment and vibrancy to take center-stage.

Limousine Dcar Transfer Danang airport to Sheraton Grand Danang
Limousine Dcar Transfer Danang airport to Sheraton Grand Danang

The seven distinctive restaurants and bars at Sheraton Grand Danang Resort provide a rich array of international cuisine, ranging from authentic Vietnamese dishes to Asian favorites. Those in search of a fulfilling tea, coffee and dessert can visit Tea Lounge, which offers barista-made coffee, an assortment of over 25 world class and local teas with superb views of the infinity pool blending into the East Sea.

For meeting planners, Sheraton Grand Danang Resort’s Conference Center building offers more than 35,500 square feet of transformative space spread over 14 separate indoor function spaces, including an elegant 13,600 square feet Sheraton Grand Ballroom to suit every occasion. For greater flexibility, the grand ballroom can be divided into three areas and other meeting rooms are all equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities. Additional scenic pool lawn and prime beachfront locations are also available for versatile outdoor events.

Sheraton Grand Danang Resort
Sheraton Grand Danang Resort

Sheraton Grand Danang will also introduce Shine Spa for Sheraton™, fusing modern hydrotherapy with ancient Asian-inspired treatments. With seven treatment rooms, Shine Spa for Sheraton™ creates a private sensational world of mood music, scents and calming interiors inspired by classic elements of the Regency period adapted to modern lifestyles, complimented by warm and genuine service.

Limousine Dcar Transfer Danang airport to Sheraton Grand Danang
Limousine Dcar Transfer Danang airport to Sheraton Grand Danang

Need Danang VIP Car, Danang Luxury Car for your transfer from Danang airport to Sheraton Danang Hotel or transfer for sightseeing in Danang, HoiAn or Hue contact Hoi An Private Car now!

Danang Vip Car Charter In Vietnam

Danang VIP Car Charter - VIP United Arabic Emirates Group on the 5th ABG 2016
Danang VIP Car Charter – VIP United Arabic Emirates Group on the 5th ABG 2016

How to find out the top Hoi An Private Cars to handle your VIP Car Transfer Service for economy events or Sport meeting or business forum in Vietnam? Will you work with Vietnamese Government or Private Car Company to meet your need?

Vietnam Private VIP Car Charter
Vietnam Private VIP Car Charter

Vietnam Private Car offers luxury car transfer service for meeting, business and other events in Danang city, Central Vietnam. Vietnam Private Car is one of the leading professional private and reliable car companies for hiring in Vietnam.

Danang VIP Car Charter - Mercedes Ben 2016 S550-Vietnam VIP Car
Danang VIP Car Charter – Mercedes Ben 2016 S550-Vietnam VIP Car

It’s our honor to serve the VIP AUF Group from Dubai – United Arabic Emirates for the 5th Asia Beach Games 2016 (ABG2016), organized in Danang beach city, Vietnam.

Danang VIP Car Charter Mercedes-Benz S500
Danang VIP Car Charter Mercedes-Benz S500

With the latest model of Mercedes Ben S400, Mercedes Ben S500, it’s our honor to serve Sir Juma Salem Mubarak, Sir Alkamali Mohammad, Sir Alshehhi Saeed and specially the President Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah – President, Olympic Council of Asia… who are from United Arabic Emirates.

Danang Vietnam VIP Car transfer
Danang Vietnam VIP Car transfer

What kind of car Vietnam Private Car company offers in Danang city? We offer high class and luxury car such as BMW, Mercedez E, GLS, S400, S500, S600

President Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah – President, Olympic Council of Asia
President Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah – President, Olympic Council of Asia

How much does it cost for private luxury car for Danang VIP airport pick up and drop off? It depends on what kind of car you request, details cost Vietnam Private Car team will send email to you.

Danang Vietnam VIP Car Service
Danang Vietnam VIP Car Service

For Danang VIP car charter we require you book with us at least 1 week before starting. Some urgent cases we can arrange our VIP car charter as your request but better all are in plan is better for us arrangement.

Sir Alkamali Mohammad and Danang Private Car Team
Sir Alkamali Mohammad and Danang Private Car Team

How long you can use our car for airport pick up and drop off in Danang and surrounding? Our Danang vip car and driver will be ready wait for you at VIP area, our staff will help you to take luggage, help you to make paper permission… then take you to VIP gate to our car transfer to your hotel.
-Hotel in Danang center it takes around 20 minutes.
-Hotels in Danang beach area it takes around 30 minutes.
-Hotels in Hoian it takes around 40 or 45 minutes.

Danang VIP Car Charter Service
Danang VIP Car Charter Service

How to book Vietnam Danang VIP car transfer service? Please ask your staff inform us your flight number, time of arrival, name to printed on welcome board, kind of car, hotel for drop off, special note if it’s possible, Vietnam Danang Private Charter Car Team will arrange VIP car rental as your staffs’ request.

Dr. Nasser Al Khalifa Budoor, Assistant Deputy Minister of Health and Director of Dubai Medical District
Dr. Nasser Al Khalifa Budoor, Assistant Deputy Minister of Health and Director of Dubai Medical District

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How to get to Hue?

How to get to Hue?
Located on the bank of Song Huong- Perfume River; Hue, the capital of ThuaThien Hue province in Central Vietnam, is 700 km southern Hanoi, 1100km northern Ho Chi Minh City, and only a few miles from the sea. Not until 1945 was Hue the national capital, the political, cultural and religious center of Vietnam under the control of Nguyen Dynasty. Most well-known for its historic values; Hue had been recognized as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Renowned for the most intact royal city in Vietnam, Hue has enough charm to keep you staying as long as you can afford the time to visit. There are many ways to get to Hue such as: by train, by air, by Hue Private Car and so on.

1. Flight to Hue:
a. From Ha Noi:
There are many flights from Ha Noi to Hue cityevery day from different airlines such as: Vietnam Airlines, Jestar, Vietjet Air. You can choose one based on your budge and it takes 45 minutes to flight from Hanoi to Hue.

b. From Ho Chi Minh city: The average flight duration from Ho Chi Minh to Hue city is about an hour and different airlines provide flight from HCM city to Hue such as Vietnam Airlines, Jestar, Vietjet Air. You can search on the Internet for the price.Vietnam Airlines normally offers the most expensive flight to Hue in comparison to others.

c. From Nha Trang: There is no direct flight from Nha Trang to Hue. The best choice for you is that you take a flight from Nha Trang to Da Nang and then you can book train or bus ticket to Hue.

All in all, coming to Hue by air is a good idea. There are many flights every day from other cities to Hue city and it takes about 40-60 minutes to go there. It’s the most expensive way but it’s convenient, fast and safe.To save time to arrive faster than vehicles such as trains or coaches you should book cheap airline tickets. This is website to book ticket:,,

2. By train:

From Ha Noi, Nha Trang or Ho Chi Minh City: There are many train trips from Ha Noi to Hue every day. It takes about 2 to 3 days to get to Hue and you must overnight in train. There is a disadvantage that there are many people on the train and you cannot feel comfortable. One more important thing is that it’s not as clean and quiet as on a plane. On the other hand, it saves your money.With friends in the north want to travel to Hue, you can go to Hanoi to catch the train from Hanoi to Hue. For those who have a lot of time and want to experience beautiful scenery on the road, should choose this medium.

This is website to book ticket:

3. By Hue Private Car

Traveling to Hue for long distance you can think of flight or train but some case you want to see more things along the road of Vietnam you can hire a car from Vietnam Private Car then enjoy Vietnam landscapes.

Have you ever think of rent a private car with private driver transfer from Saigon to Hue or Hanoi to Hue? Its crazy idea but it will be amazing travel experience ever.

You will stop wherever you want. Stay at any destination as long as you want. Our expert consultant will help you to plan where should visit in Vietnam.

Where you can book long car trip in Vietnam? You can have a look at some online website below:


For shorter trip you can refer some private car online website to help you quote some car rental service in Dong Hoi, Quang Tri, Hue, Danang, Hoian and Nhatrang.


In summary, based on your budge and your preference you can choose one of the above options. You wonder how you can transfer from Hue Airport or Hue Central Station please contact to our company to book private car. Our service will bring you the best experience with the most reasonable price.

Hue Citadel by night – Hoi An Private Car

Hoian Private Car is delighted to give the latest news for tourists who have a tendency to visit Hue. Hue is actually a imperial city which owns a lot of tourist attractions such as Hue Citadel, Khai Dinh Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb, Thien Mu Pagoda, etc.

Hue Citadel by night - Hoi An Private Car
Hue Citadel by night – Hoi An Private Car

It is considered that you would not really visit Hue if you miss Hue Citadel where used to be the living and working place of 13 emperors of Nguyen Dynasty. With its unique architecture, Hue Citadel is eye-catching hundreds of tourist coming each month.

In 2017, “Hue Citadel by night” will be officially opened by Hue Imperial Relics Conservation Centre  from 22-Apr-2017 to 15-Sep-2017 (19:00 – 22:00). It aims to make a highlight point on the Central Vietnam Heritage Journey.

Hue Citadel by night - Hoi An Private Car
Hue Citadel by night – Hoi An Private Car

These are programs taken place on “Hue Citadel by night” that you would be definitely excited:

  • Enjoying the wonderful views by night on Hue Citadel including Ngo Mon Gate, Trung Dao Bridge, Thai Dich Lake, Dien Tho Palace, etc.
  • Spending time with Imperial Palace Ceremony in classic music
  • Getting new experience with Special Music Performance that you can learn more about royal activities.
  • Contemplating Hue’s culture through Attractive Exhibition focused on 5 World Heritage Sites in Hue.
  • Exploring Traditional Occupations in Hue in accordance with service activities.

Hue Citadel by night - Hoi An Private Car
Hue Citadel by night – Hoi An Private Car

Moreover, you should not ignore Hoian Private Car when visiting Hue. Hoian Private Car managed by Hoi An Locals can support you perfectly in Hue with a variety of trips such as Hue City Tour, Hue Group Tours, Hue to Danang Airport by private car, etc.

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