How to get from Da Nang airport to Hoi An

How many ways are there to get from Danang airport to Hoi An? What is the distance between them? What is the best means of transport for you to move to Hoi An? Let Hoi An Private Car help you answer these questions.

How to get from Danang airport to Hoi An - Hoi An Private Car

The distance from Da Nang airport to Hoi An is approximately 30Km and it will take about 40 minutes to reach Hoi An. If you use our Hoian private car transfer service, we will take you to any place you want, such as a hotel or homestay in Hoi An.

How To Get To Hoi An From Danang

Danang airport to Hoi An by bus

The first is Da Nang airport to Hoi An bus, this is a popular way with a not too high price. Having a relatively low cost transfer service but you will have to take some disadvantages from that.

You will have to walk a long distance to get to the bus stop to catch it. The next thing that you need to pay attention to is the Danang to Hoi An bus timetable, you have to get to the bus station on time. In case, the plane is delayed or the time you arrive at the airport is too late, you will not be able to catch the bus.

So to be able to choose this means of transport, you will have to walk a long distance to get to the bus stop and be on time, if you don’t want to miss the bus.

Da Nang airport to Hoi An by taxi – Grab

The second way is Da Nang airport to Hoi An taxi or Grab. This way will cost you a lot of money but you will not need to walk too far, they will pick you up at the airport gate. But the disadvantage here is that you will have to wait for the driver to pick you up, in case of delay, the driver may cancel your trip. If that happens then you have to rebook another driver and have to start waiting for them to come to pick you up.

With a large amount of money to spend, there is still some risk involved, which can make your experience a lot worse.

Da Nang airport to Hoi An by motorbike

If you don’t want to wait or depend on someone else, one way to be self-employed is to use a motorbike. Traveling from Danang airport to Hoi An by motorbike is also a popular way to travel. You don’t need to book a car or catch a bus, you just need to spend some money to rent a motorbike and use it on your journey. This way of moving will bring more freedom, you can be active in moving.

How to get from Danang airport to Hoi An

But at the same time, it also has its shortcomings, the first is that you will still have to walk out of the airport to find a place to rent a motorbike. Or you can hire a taxi to go to some car rental locations in Da Nang city, such as Mai Linh Taxi. 

Following that is traveling a relatively long distance on your own, which can be tiring. You already have a long flight to Da Nang in Vietnam, if you continue to move this is not a good idea. You will quickly get tired and travel will not be fun anymore.

Danang airport to Hoi An by private car

Danang airport to Hoi An by private car of Hoi An Private Car Travel is the best way to bring you great experiences that you cannot ignore. We provide professional service, and thorough customer care and always aim for the best for you. 

When using our service, you just need to tell us your flight number, we will follow the time you get off the plane to pick you up. You don’t have to walk too far as we are already at the airport lobby waiting for you to pick you up. Even if your flight is delayed and you can’t reach the airport on time, we will still wait and pick you up to start your trip.

When you reach the halls, our driver will start holding a “Welcome board” with your full name and company logo printed on it. You can easily recognize our driver and he will help you put your luggage in the car and start moving. In some cases, you cannot find our driver or there are any changes, you can contact us as soon as possible to arrange everything.

Our private car transfer can flexibly change, you can stop anywhere you want to take pictures, rest, sightseeing… That will make you ẹnoy the trip more comfortable. Depending on what you need and what you have, you can choose the vehicle suitable for you.

Travel from Danang airport to Hoi An by Limousine

Not only provide private car service but we also provide shuttle service at Da Nang International Airport by Limousine. Similar to a private car, Limousine also offers some of the same features such as door-to-door transfers, luggage assistance, and more. What makes this service so special is its luxury and premium.

How to get from Danang to Hoi An

When you choose the Limousine transfer service, you will get a great experience above all when everything is the best. Better cars, comfortable seats, ample space, water service, and powerful A/C systems, all to provide the best experience. You don’t have to worry about the weather, whether it’s hot or rainy, we provide the best travel experience.

The only problem with Limousine transfer at Da Nang Airport Vietnam is that you will spend more money than other types of vehicles. But in return, you will get the best service and experience. We can take you to your hotel/homestay in Hoi An, and we even can take you to the Ancient Town of Hoi An.

Why should you choose our service?

  • We offer new generation cars with powerful A/C systems, comfortable seats, and more.
  • Free water and cold towels are always provided in the car.
  • Prices are competitive and with no deposit, you can pay the driver after completing the ride.
  • There are no hidden costs, prices are always clearly listed on the website, so you can use it with peace of mind.
  • Convenient door-to-door service, working 24/7.

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Hoi An Memory Show

Hoi An Memory Show Introduction

As known as the world’s most beautiful show called “Hoi An Memory Show ” and also has another name” Hoi An Impression Park ”. The show is performed daily and meticulously staged by nearly 200 dancers gathered across Vietnam.

Taking the unique idea of bringing the real culture of Vietnam to the world, the Hoi An Memory Show is dedicated invested in script building and the quality of each performance every day.

Hoi An Impression Park is a performing arts show honoring the traditional ao dai of the Vietnamese people. The performance icon that recreates the stories of Hoi An from four centuries ago will make people not want to miss  a single second when watching this show.


Hoi An memories show is one of the a World-class outdoor visual art performance theatre with 3,300-seat and 25,000 square meters area, the stage Itself looks like a Hollywood stage.

The show itself is on an artificial islet built in October 2017 on the Thu Bon river. After a short period, a 2.0 version has been launch in May 2018 with lots of improvements in story content, art and culture identity, etc. This fabulous cultural art performance will take you on a historic journey from the beginning of Hoi An old town until now. The Hoi An Memory Show is divided into 5 important parts.

Part 1: Hoi An’s Life

Hoi An Life is the first part of the show, It reappears the colorful picture of the costume, culture, rustic life of Hoi An Locals from 3,000 years ago.

In this part, you will enjoy fishermen started to build their houses and settle down. You will see the town began from a small fishing village with his family and around them, Hoi An bloom from the earth.

Part 2: The weddings

To be grateful for the contribution of princess Huyen Tran to expand the country to the south of Vietnam. This scene portrays the solemn wedding of Princess Huyen Tran and King Che Man in the past. This is an impressive performance but realistic against a backdrop of Cham Pa tower temples, royal dances, and cultural customs.

You will immerse your soul in the ancient wedding. Costumes are also various and colorful with Champa culture. Moreover, at this wonderful wedding, you will see the elephants – the symbol of Cham culture.

Part 3: Lamps and sea

This part is a scene of a loyal wife desperately waiting for her husband, a sailor who has not come home for a long time. Because of the sadness and hopelessness, she turns into a stone statue.

At the end of the story, the man returns, feeling wretched, he writhes in anguish beside his wife’s statue. This touching love drama is not told by any words but by hundreds of professional dancers in traditional costumes.

Part 4: Hoi An International Trading Port

As you know, Hoi An was an international trading port of Vietnam and Asia from the 16th century. So this part represents Hoi An trading port on the stage along with international traders from Japan, China, Holland, France, India, etc.

The main point of the show is the traders traveling to Hoi An to do their business and join the Hoi An festivals. You will enjoy the glorious time of Hoi An in the past and admire every detail which has been well prepared by the crew.

Part 5: Vietnamese Traditional Costume, Áo Dài

Hoi An is one of the very few cities in the world that still keep almost everything in the past through the up and down of history. That is the priceless value that Hoi An people still preserve and proud of.

The end of the Hoi An Memory Show is an Ao Dai performance with a beautiful background of ancient structures of Hoi An. These national values have been well preserved until now.

Hoi An Memory Show opening time and tickets.

Hoi An Memory show has the duration of 1 hour 15 minutes from 19:30 to 20:45 and open from every night except for Tuesday. Because of the covid-19, the show just available on weekends.

Hoi An Memories show has 3 ticket levels based on seat position. It costs around VND 300.000 to VND 450.000/ child (roughly 13 to 19 USD).

For adults, it costs VND 600.000 to VND 900.000/ person (roughly USD 23 to USD 39). You can book the ticket online in advance but if not you can always buy the ticket in front of the theater entrance.

You might be interested in our Hoi An City Tour Full Day, Hoi An Street Food Tour; Hoi An to My Son by private car.

Hoi An Private Car is a Travel & Hospitality Award Winner for 2021

Hoi An Private Car

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About the Thawards

The United Kingdom, 02/03/2021: The Travel & Hospitality Awards is proud to announce that Hoi An Private Car has been awarded in its 2021 Asia Travel Awards program.

While this year has been the toughest the travel industry has ever faced, we endeavor to recognize those who deserve praise and to promote the hard work of tenacious travel businesses. Recipients of the Travel & Hospitality Awards in 2021 were scrupulously selected based on the aggregation of reviews from multiple third-party sources. Selected by a panel of experts who analyze submission material, review customer feedback, and compare the facilities of each entrant. Our winners are those who can demonstrate their uniqueness, quality of services and facilities, and exceptional levels of customer care across a number of categories.

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Hoi An Street Food Trail

Gaining a reputation for not only the historic beauty and charming architecture of a port town, Hoi An Ancient Town is also a unique culinary paradise with a variety of delicious dishes from rustic to luxurious ones attracting tourists from all over the world. If you want to schedule a Hoi An street food tour, Hoi An Private Car is here to help you have more information about where you can have the most mouthwatering Hoi An street food.

Nuoc Mot Hoi An (“Mot” Tea Hoi An)

Location: 10 Tran Phu St, Hoi An town, Quang Nam province.

MOT’s traditional drink with own herbal recipe is highly recommended for anyone who once visited Hoi An Ancient Town. On Tran Phu St, you can easily catch sight a stall where is always crowded. With a chalk board, a lotus vase along with aromatic spices and herbal remedy such as honeysuckle, cinnamon, lemon and lemongrass have created a familiar scene to every visitor.

Basically, nuoc mot Hoi An is a kind of cool herbal water with fragrant smells of lemon and lemongrass. However, in the middle of hot summer weather, it will be all you need. With an eye-catching decorative cup and the cost of only 10.000 VND, Mot tea Hoi An has become a must-have check-in place once you coming to Hoi An Old Town.

Com Ga Ba Buoi (Ba Buoi Chicken Rice)

Location: 22 Phan Chu Trinh street, Hoi An town.

The 2nd location: 18 Dao Duy Tu St, Cam Pho, Hoi An town.

Being available from the 50s of the 20th centuries, Com ga Ba Buoi seems to become a name associated with the development of Hoi An. Unlike chicken rice dishes at many other places, Ba Buoi Chicken Rice is notable for their chicken meat. Chicken rice is cooked with many different portions and flavors such as boiled chicken rice, shredded chicken rice, chicken heart and so on.

Chicken meat is chewy and delicious, not as starchy as industrial chicken. A dish of Com ga Ba Buoi costs from 35.000 VND per person. As the restaurant is always crowded, you might have to wait for about 10 minutes to have a seat.

Cao Lau Hoi An (Rice Noodles with Barbecued Pork, Vegetables and Croutons)

Cao Lau Ba Be: right at the beginning of Hoi An Market

Thanh Cao Lau: 26 Thai Phien St, Hoi An

Cao Lau Hoi An: 274 Cua Dai St, Hoi An

Cao Lau Hoi An is known as an unreplaceable dish that has been around for hundreds of years in this small of town.

Unlike My Quang, Bun or Banh Uot, Cao Lau has thicker noodle fiber with the color of milky-yellow. It is usually served with a broth made from shrimp, meat and raw vegetables. In order to make delicious noodle fiber, the noodle maker has to choose the ashes cooked from Cu Lao Cham soaked with rice. By that, creating a crisp, chewy and characteristic noodle fiber.

The most famous stall of Cao Lau Vietnamese Food in Hoi An Town is Cao Lau Ba Be where sells the most delicious and cheapest Cao Lau Hoi An. Although it is just a small stall at the beginning of the market, it is a famous destination for lots of tourists. A bowl of Hoi An Cao Lau is normally costs from 20.000 – 25.000 VND per bowl.

Banh Bao – Banh Vac (White Rose Dumplings)

Location: Hoa Hong Trang Restaurant, 533 Hai Ba Trung St, Hoi An

Banh Bao and Banh Vac are two kinds of cake with similar ingredients of rice starch and usually served on the same dish. If we want to have a more delicious dish, the rice flour needs to be filtered again and again. The more we filter it, the more delectable and chewier the cake will be.

Stuffing of the cake is made of meat and minced shrimp marinated with mushrooms, fish sauce, pepper, onions and so on. Each Banh Vac is processed in two ways. One is making the stuffing then putting into the cake. One is steaming the uncooked stuffing with cake. The cooked cake is usually served with sweet fish sauce with garlic and chili.

Banh Dap Hen Xao (Clams and Mussels served with Smashing Rice Paper Cake)

Location: Crossing Cau Nam Commune, Hoi An about 100m, you will come to an area with more than 10 stalls specializing in serving only this famous dish.

Each piece of cake is soft due to Banh Uot (Steamed Rice), crunchy from the rice paper cake, served with fragrant stir-fried mussel in order to create a very characteristic flavor for this dish.

Con Hen is a famous destination for its fried mussel cake. That’s why it is difficult for visitors to forget this delicacy. Enjoying a dish of stir-fried mussel and rice paper cake with the salty taste of mussels, the crispness of the rice paper cake and the softness from Banh Uot (Steamed Rice) will give you more energy to continue your trip Hoi An Street Food Walking Tour.

Che (Sweet soup)

Situated on the central street of Hoi An Ancient Town, sweet soup stall next to Hoai River and close to the bridge is a favorite stop for lots of guests.

Selling most of the sweet soups such as corn soup, bean soup, tofu, mixed soup and so on. “Che” (sweet soup) is considered as an integral part of ancient culture of Hoi An Old Town. If you have already enjoyed all the main dishes in the list of Hoi An best street food, sweet soup will be an ideal beverage for you while walking around Hoi An. The sweetness of the “Che” along with the cool taste of ice will be an unforgettable experience for you in the land of Hoi An Town.

Banh My Phuong (Phuong Bread)

Location: 2B Phan Chau Trinh St, Hoi An city.

Phuong Bread Hoi An features thin bread, not as thick as the classic French ones. All the pre-processed breads are kept warm in a wooden cabinet by the temperature of an embers stove.

Ingredients made Phuong Bread in Hoi An are processed naturally without using available ingredients that made its flavor different from other kinds of bread. Banh my Phuong Hoi An is full of meat, grilled chopped meat, bacon, charming homemade sauce along with green vegetables. All these ingredients have created a very unique flavor for Banh my Phuong Hoi An Vietnam. And if you once visited this old town and did not try Banh my Ba Phuong Hoi An, you would not feel all the beauty and culture of Hoi An Ancient Town.

Hoanh Thanh (Fried Wonton)

Quan Gieng Ba Le: 51 Tran Hung Dao St, Minh An Province, Hoi An.

Quan Hai Dao: 160 Ly Thai To St, quite far from the ancient town.

Hoanh Thanh is made in many ways. However, the most characteristic way 2 ways – soup Hoanh Thanh and dry Hoanh Thanh. While the soup Hoanh Thanh gives a rich taste as the broth is cleverly processed, the dry one attracts visitors because of the crispy of Hoanh Thanh.

Enjoying the Hoanh Thanh, you will have many different interesting feelings, for example, the sweetness of shrimp mixed with the light fat of Hoanh Thanh. Also, the sour taste of tomatoes blends in the delicate flavor of onions that is very hard to describe.

Banh Uot Cuon Thit Nuong (Steamed Rice rolls with Grilled Pork)

Location: near the bank of Hoai River, Hoi An.

On the beginning days of the cold season in Hoi An, Banh Uot Cuon Thit Nuong is the most delicious dish that attracts the majority of tourists. The grilled meat is fried on the charcoal stove along with the soaring smoke will stimulate your taste buds.

It is not very difficult for you to find a certain stall serving this dish located along the food street of Hoi An Old Town. The dish attracts people with not only the delicious seasoned meat but also the sauce is also skillfully processed. They have helped customers find the dish neither too salty nor too pale.

Banh Beo Hoi An (Bloating Fern-shaped Cake)

Location: Banh Beo – Banh Nam Ba Bay – 02 Hoang Van Thu St, Hoi An.

Unlike many other famous tourist destinations in Hoi An, Banh Beo is considered as a favorite breakfast dish of the locals. Therefore, if you have a chance to visit Banh Beo stalls in Hoi An in the early morning or evening, there are many stalls that you will not find any space to have a seat.

Banh Beo is made of the crispy fatty meat and served with spicy and sour sauce. It is not difficult to enjoy a dish of Banh Beo. And if you cannot eat the crispy fatty meat, you can ask the chef not to put it in your dish of Banh Beo.

A small bowl of Banh Beo costs 2.000 VND that will surely make tourists find it hard to forget the unique taste of Hoi An Ancient Town’s typical culinary culture.

Explore Cam Thanh Coconut Village

Cam Thanh Coconut Village has been becoming a famous cultural area for all domestic and international tourists to visit and explore every year.

It is located in a rustic village, just 5km to Southeast of Hoi An ancient town. Cam Thanh eco water coconut village is such a wonderful place that you should explore once especially join the Hoi An cooking class and Hoi An basket boat rides.

1. Why should you visit this place?

Cam Thanh water coconut palm village was a great hidden place and strong shelter to protect the locals and Vietnamese soldiers. Nowadays, it is a famous eco village system with a lot of interesting tourist activities such as village cooking class service, Hoi An basket boat ride, crab fishing service, and foot massages.

Unlike the hustle and bustle city of Hoi An, Cam Thanh water coconut forest is green and peaceful. All the family houses here made from water coconut leaves and right next to the green flap coconut four seasons.

2. What to do in Cam Thanh Coconut Village

Traveling to Cam Thanh village, you will have an opportunity to explore the ecosystem of the water coconut forest and learn more about the village community, village culture and simple daily life of the fishermen here.

Moreover, you can experience all the daily activities with the locals such as how to row and control the basket boats, make the beautiful handicaft stuff from water coconut leaves, how to throw the fishing net to catch fish and how to fish the local crabs.

The highlight local service roducts here is the cooking class course from the local masterchef. You will experience cooking some rustic but delicious dishes such as Vietnamese rice pancakes, Hoi An spring rolls, mango salads, etc and you will enjoy what you just have cooked as your lunch.

If you love massage, you must try the traditional village foot massage here. All the ingredients here are from nature and under the skillful hands of the villagers, you will fall in sleep and imerse your soul in the green atmosphere.

3. How to get there?

From Da Nang, you can take a taxi to get there, and if you stay in Hoi An, you can ride a bike, drive a scooter, or book a private car.

If you would like to visit Hoi An ancient town and the Cam Thanh water coconut forest, you also can book Hoi An ancient town and countryside. You will explore Hoi An old town and Cam Thanh village with a real local tour guide. Join the competition to become the masterchef and ride the basket boats through the coconut forest is such an unforgetable memory.

4. The best time to visit Cam Thanh Coconut Forest

Actually the weather in Hoi An is quite good and stable so you can visit this village all year around. Moreover, depends on person so you would prefer the different kinds of weather.

If you love cool weather, you should explore Cam Thanh coconut village Hoi An from February to April. From May to July is the ideal time to visit Cam Thanh because of the dry season end.

On the 14th of the lunar, if you would like to explore Cam Thanh Village and Hoi an lantern festival, you should travel to Hoi An.

Hue To DMZ By Private Car

Quang Tri Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) has been the site of countless fierce combats during Vietnam War. With Hue to DMZ by private car, you will be able to have a comprehensive view of the wartime history. Hoi An Private Car will assist you in traveling from Hue City to the north of Vietnam in order to discover tunnels, crossing through infamous battle sites while passing through such quiet villages.

Vinh Moc Village was found to be at a tragic location where used to be one of the most heavily damaged areas by bomb in Vietnam. In order to escape from the bombardment, villagers built about 2.8km of underground tunnels that they used them as a shelter to survive after the bombing. Three hundred people had been living in the tunnels from 1966 to 1971.

Traveling with Hoi An Private Car Travel’s local expert driver, you will be told many stories of what happened at DMZ and results of the Vietnam War. By that, you will gain more and more experience in the past and today as well. Every local driver in Hoi An Private Car are well trained in English as well as the history that can introduce and explain everything in detail for you during your trip Hue to DMZ by private car. Food during tour are very delicious at such local restaurants and also carefully selected to ensure that you will have a chance to try all mouthwatering delicacies like the locals.


06:30: Hoi An Private Car’s driver will pick you up at your hotel in Hue City Center. After having a warm greeting, we will depart to Quang Tri to start our trip Hue to DMZ by private car.

07:30: Next, you will be brought to Horror Highway and have a first stop at Dong Ha City, Quang Tri Province to have breakfast.

Horror Highway (The street of horror) – Local people of Quang Tri and Thua Thien – Hue Provinces will never forget the date of May 1, 1972 due to the dreadful carnage on the Vietnam Highway No.1 which is about 10 km away to the south of Quang Tri City. There are thousands of civilians, mainly the elderly, women, children and tens of soldiers were murdered by heavy artillery and footmen using guns to shoot for hours and hours.

08:30: Along the Vietnam Highway No.9 – known as a part of the East West economic corridor and a place to go through Lao Bao border gate. On the way, you will be able to visit the military zone located along the Macnamara electronic fence. It was installed by the US military at the 17 th parallel and Ho Chi Minh trail as a ground recce to detect the Vietnamese military’s transportation through this area. The name of this fence is named after the US Secretary of Defense -Robert McNamara.

Additionally, we will also visit several tourist attractions, such as Dakrong Bridge, Rockpile Hill, Khe Sanh Military Base and Dakrong Airport.

Dakrong Bridge is in Dakrong District, Quang Tri Province. Being located firmly in the middle of majestic mountains and hills, it is a central point of the Dakrong Relic. Visit Dakrong Bridge, you will also have a chance to interact with ethnic minorities of Van Kieu and Pa Co in two villages Xa Lang and Klu with many unique cultural features.

Rockpile Hill was once one of the US military zones. It used to be a watchtower to observe activities of the Vietnam People’s Army in DMZ in Quang Tri from 1966 to 1968.

11:30: You will be brought back to Dong Ha to have lunch at a local restaurant serving delicious dishes. 13:00: We will continue our trip in the afternoon by visiting Hien Luong Bridge – Ben Hai River and Doc Mieu Military Base.

Hien Luong Bridge – Ben Hai River has gained a reputation as it has been a historical symbol of “the country is divided into two” event during the enduring war of the entire Vietnamese people in the resistance war against the US in 1954.

Doc Mieu Military Base is in Gio Linh District, Quang Tri Province. Located on a basalt hill in a zigzag three-slope terrain, Doc Mieu Military Base is a famous Quang Tri tourist destination that reminds visitors many things of the wartime. This historic site in the war against the colonialist French, the imperialist American was known as an impregnable fortress constructed by them.

15:00: Then, you will visit Vinh Moc Tunnels, known as Vietnamese people’ tunnels as well as the Vietnamese military base.

Vinh Moc Tunnels is an iconic work of the system of Vinh Linh tunnel village. The tunnel is nearly 2km long, including 3 floors located deep underneath the ground. This place used to be considered as the steel fortress of the North Vietnam during 7 consecutive years in the Vietnam war against the imperialism US.

17:00: We will depart to Hue City. Finish Hue to DMZ by private car.

Hoi An Lantern Festival 2023- 2024

Hoi An Lantern Festival Introduction

Hoi An Lantern Festival is also known as Hoi An full moon festival is an annual traditional event in Hoi An ancient town. Hoi An in general and Hoi An ancient town, in particular, is a famous tourist destination for all kinds of tourists in over the world. Moreover, it is famous for its ancient unique architecture, delicious street food paradise, and various tailor shops.

Hoi An is also popular as a heaven of the lantern with all kinds, shapes, sizes, and colorful lanterns. Hoi An Old Town has become a must-visit destination in Vietnam for travelers to enjoy the gorgeous lanterns, to learn to make the lanterns by themselves, and especially to enjoy the full moon lantern festival Hoi An.

The Hoi An Lantern Festival Start Time

Hoi An Lantern Festival is held in Hoi An ancient town on the 14th of every lunar month and becomes even more beautiful and sparkling on the full moon night of the Mid-Autumn Festival. On the day of the festival, people in Hoi An old town will turn off all the electric lights and hang colorful lanterns that illuminate the entire old town.

During the night of the Hoi An lantern festival Vietnam to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival, Hoi An ancient town seems to become brighter and more sparkling than usual in bright red, soft yellow, … shining from the beautiful lanterns from all the small streets.

Hoi An Lantern Festival Dates 2023-2024

The festival usually starts from around 6 pm (when it starts to get dark) until 9-10 pm. It takes place at the busiest, most crowded on the riverside section between the Japanese bridge and An Hoi bridge with many interesting and vibrant activities, attracts a lot of domestic people as well as foreign tourists.

In 2023, The Hoi An Vietnam lantern festival will be held on January 5th, February 4th, March 5th, April 4th, May 3rd, June 1st, July 1st and 31st, August 29th, September 28th, October 28th, November 26th and December 26th.

And in 2024, the Hoi An Lantern full moon festival will start on January 24th, February 23rd, March 23rd, April 22nd, May 21st, June 19th, July 19th, August 17th, September 16th, October 16th, November 14th and December 14th.

Another interesting activity that also takes place during the festival is the activity of dropping paper flower lights on the Hoai River for good luck, peace, and happiness.

You can also hire a boat to go along the Hoai River amidst the sparkling flower-light space like a fanciful picture. There are hundreds of sparkling handmade lanterns shining the whole river contain wishes to all places and people.

At the Mid-Autumn Festival, the lantern festival will take place on the night of October 3 with many special exciting activities such as lion dance, martial arts performances, the Mid-Autumn Festival display … Folk games and special street art performances are also held at the local food courts.

How to get to Hoi An Ancient Town from Da Nang?

To visit Hoi An ancient town and see this lantern festival, you can book a private car from Da Nang airport to Hoi An. If you have a time in Hoi An, you can use Hoi An car rental with driver from Hoi An Private Car which helps you be able to explore central of Vietnam with unforgetable experiences.

Do not miss this beautiful old town and do not forget to join the lantern festival. We are sure that it will be a great memorable experience for your trip to Vietnam.

How to get from Da Nang to Dong Hoi

How to get from Da Nang to Dong Hoi is a common question that a lot of first-time travelers have been often asked! So how to get to Dong Hoi to Da Nang? Understand that different tourist has different time, budget so, in this article, we will share with you the best ways to get from Da Nang to Dong Hoi that might be suitable for you!

How far it is from Da Nang to Dong Hoi?

Dong Hoi is located between Hanoi and Danang, far from Ha Noi Capital about 500 km of the south and about 260 km North of Da Nang, so it only takes about 5 hours to travel. Just a sleeping and you are present in Dong Hoi city.

How to get from Da Nang to Dong Hoi?

As you know, nowadays, there are many different ways to travel from Da Nang to Dong Hoi such as Da Nang to Dong Hoi train, Da Nang to Dong Hoi flight, Da Nang to Dong Hoi bus, etc. Each of them has advantage and disadvantage so today, we will , we explore different ways to get from Danang to Dong Hoi.

Da Nang to Dong Hoi by bus

The cheapest way to get from Da Nang to Dong Hoi, Quang Binh is by bus which costs $7 – $12 and takes 6 hours 20 minutes. There are many type of bus and kind of seat so you can select. You move to the central bus station of Da Nang city, the bus starts from 6:00 am to 17:00 pm to finish the route.

Or if you want to get high-quality busses, you can take the sleeping busses such as Hung Thanh Bus, TNT bus, Hai Au company, etc.

Da Nang to Dong Hoi flight

The quickest way to get from Da Nang to Dong Hoi is to fly which costs $303 – $305 each person and takes about 1 hours 15 minutes.

Although this is the fastest way, in fact, there are no direct flights from Da Nang to Dong Hoi. About theoretically, it is also possible to travel by plane, it means you have to fly to Hanoi capital or Ho Chi Minh city, and then book a flight to arrive Dong Hoi.

Da Nang to Dong Hoi Train

The most popular option for tourists is to travel by train. Travel by train to Dong Hoi takes about 5–6 hours and train tickets cost about $5–15 per seat (seats or sleeper berth). For each ticket, passengers will get 20kg of free baggage allowance. Among the kind of trains, there are also some luxury private tourist  sleeper trains such as Violette Train or Livitrans Express.

Da Nang to Dong Hoi by motorbike

From Da Nang, you can take the National Highway 1A or Ho Chi Minh road to Thua Thien Hue province, then go through Quang Tri then to Dong Hoi city. When traveling, remember to obey the traffic laws, follow the right lane and low speeding to avoid accidents and you should know how many kilometers from Da Nang to Quang Binh to have good preparation.

Da Nang to Dong Hoi by private car

It takes six and a half hours from Da Nang to Dong Hoi by private car. A private car is definitely a fast, luxurious and comfortable way to travel on this journey. Having a private driver who speaks English well ,picks up and drops off guests directly at your hotel anytime that suits you.

In this way, you can also visit other famous places by guiding of a private driver such as Vinh Moc Tunnels, Hien Luong Bridge, La Vang Holy Land, etc. Prices depend on the kind of car you choose, but you will have to pay around VND 3,300,000 ($ 142) for a four to seven seats car.

Abandoned Water Park Hue- Thuy Tien Lake

Abandoned Water Park Hue (Thuy Tien Lake) used to be the most famous water park in Vietnam. Nowadays, It seems to be abandoned and all that remains is a collection of ruined attractions with overgrown, rusted vines and drawings on them as well as the murky, algae-infested waters. It called is Thuy Tien Lake Park – where the newspaper (USA) called “horror resort”.

Thuy Tien Lake Introduction

Thuy Tien Lake Hue is an extremely strange and mysterious sightseeing place. Visitors coming to visit will be fascinated by the ghost and ruin of this place. Although it has been abandoned for a long time, tourists, especially foreigners, love to come to this mysterious park.

Abandoned Water Park Hue Location

Thuy Tien Lake is located about 10 km southwest of Hue city on the hill of Thien An, Thuy Tien lake lies just outside Huong Thuy town in Hue. It considers as an ideal attraction for visitors to Hue with its green pine forest and serene lakes.

Thuy Tien water park Vietnam history

Abandoned Water Park Hue construction started early in the year of 2000. By June 2004, many works were completed and put into operation, and this place was officially opened to tourists. The ambitious plan creates an enormous scale park, with amusement rides, water slides, pools, aquariums, performances, souvenir shops and restaurants, using a hefty budget of three million USD. However, due to inefficient operation and degraded park, it was closed for research and development of new projects by the end of 2011.

Now the Thuy Tien water park Vietnam  remains the same when it was left,nature has taken complete control over it. it is like Jurassic Park in the past time, but with grazing cows instead of dinosaurs.

Abandoned Water Park Hue, Vietnam architecture

The total area of the whole abandoned water park Hue is up to 49.9 hectares, divided into many different parts: water park, water music stage, aquarium, virtual world playing room and restaurants serving food and drink.

Dragon scroll symbol in Thuy Tien lake

One of the most unique attractions when visiting Thuy Tien Lake is the giant dragon symbol that is winding on the roof of the building. The dragon head is a shape on the top floor of the aquarium, under on the lower floors are segments of the dragon’s body. This place has a quite large scale and from here can easily move to other areas. All designs here have been controlled by nature. Therefore, when you come here, you will feel the horror, the shiver.

The Aquarium

The aquarium is the area inside of the building with the dragon symbol. To get here, visitors must have a great deal of courage. However, if you have come to Thuy Tien Lake, Do not hesitate to enter the aquarium and let’s explore all the caves and narrow alleys.

Now, the structures inside the aquarium have become desolate and ragged. Ancient aquariums had broken into many pieces.  Heading up the spiral staircase will bring you to the dragon’s head. Here, you can watch in on your eyes to fully admire the cool Thuy Tien Lake. Standing in the dragon’s head and looking down, the beauty is both romantic and mysterious, has attracted many tourists. Although it is a bit scary and disgusting, it is the unique charm of this project.

Water park area at Thuy Tien lake

 Aquarium and dragon scroll symbols are not all the most unique things in abandoned water park Hue. You can try the feeling of going through the jungle with soaring coconut trees, below the feet are lush green grass up to the knees. Passing through here will take lost visitors into the horror movies that haunt them. This is Water park area at Thuy Tien, it is not  far from the aquarium.

The system of slides is covered with green moss, and the clear lake in the past is now also cloudy and dark. The long slopes attract the plants that grow and cover them even more, making the space here creepy. Therefore, for those who can not stand the obsession, you should consider before moving to the water park.

Water music stage

One of the unique and mysterious in Thuy Tien lake abandoned water park Hue is the water music-theater area. This place used to be the place to hold vibrant art shows and attracted many visitors. Due to being abandoned for a long time, now all that remains is wild and mosses.


The benches with a capacity of up to 2,500 seats were filled with weeds, the stage area was also grown by moss. Seeing the scenery here, it is difficult to imagine the luxury and splendor of the music performances while still active.

The old car- symbol of Thuy Tien lake abandoned water park Hue

On the pine hill near Thuy Tien Lake, there is an extremely ancient artifact that attracts many young people to visit and check-in. It was an old car made of stone. The shape and color of the car are identical to the private car of the Western aristocracy.

How to get to abandoned water park Hue?

There are many ways to go to Abandoned Park, including taking a grab bike and also walking. But it is located on a hill and mountain, the road to Thuy Tien Lake is quite winding and lonely so, in my opinion, you should book tour travel to safe and funny . To explore more sights you should book Hue City Tour at Culture Pham Travel.

If you stay in Hoi An, planing to travel to Hue so you can stop to visit at Adandoned Water Park Hue before checking in at your hotel in Hue. Our professional driver will help you enjoy the Thuy Tien Lake on the way from Hoi An to Hue By Private Car.

Abandoned water park Hue opening hours

Thuy Tien lake always opens in the daytime from 6 am to 6 pm. In addition, the parking fee here is VND 10,000 / vehicle.

Abandoned water park Hue price

Although the park was abandoned and unrepaired, to enter you will have to pay VND 20,000/ person( around 1$) for the entrance fee.

An Bang Cemetery- City of Ghosts Hue, Vietnam

An Bang Cemetery Introduction

Hue, a green, peaceful and beautiful city in central Vietnam. Hue city is not only famous for the Imperial Citadel, Perfume River, Royal tombs of the Nguyen dynasty but also famous for the luxury cemetery in An Bang Village as known as the City of Ghosts Hue, Vietnam.


An Bang Cemetery Hue, Where is it?

The City of Ghosts Hue is a famous cemetery, it is considered the most luxurious and magnificent cemetery in Vietnam. It is located in the fishing village of An Bang, Thua Thien – Hue province, which is 35 km east of Hue city. There are thousands of tombs of all colors and sizes, some of which are worth billions of VND.


It was commented by the Daily Mail (UK) as “a strange, colorful and lavish cemetery” covers an area of about 250 hectares (2.5 square kilometers) with an amount over 3000 tombs.

Why An Bang Cemetery called the City of Ghosts Hue?

The first reason is Hue residents attach the building graves for ancestors. To them, the grateful to one’s benefactor idea is ingrained into their subconscious. According to AFP, 90% of the villagers have relatives abroad, mainly living in the US, they send money to build luxurious tombs.


Another reason is Vietnamese people are strong believers in the afterlife. Therefore, a number of graves are fully equipped with bathroom, kitchen and personal items.

The tombs in Hue prove their position and properties, that is also the reason why they invest in the construction of the graves.

There are reasons why creating a splendid, lavish cemetery – An Bang Cemetery – City of Ghosts Hue.

An Bang Cemetery Hue, Vietnam architecture

These tombs are built with unique architecture, stretching over 3 km.Some tombs have extremely sophisticated architecture, 6 m high and carved colorful dragons into the pillars. Many new tombs were built up to 10 m high.


The Graves’s construction is full of diverse styles from Buddhism, Christianity to Confucianism … Most of the tombs in the cemetery are designed in the style of Khai Dinh Emperor.

Ancient motifs of such mascots such as dragons, unicorns, and phoenixes served only for the emperors, now we can see them in many graves here. On the stone steps, the mascots are both majestic and mighty guarding the tombs. An Bang Cemetery Vietnam will make you overwhelmed by the many regal stone lions and phoenixes carved on the roofs.

An Bang cemetery opening hours and entrance fee

The opening time of An Bang cemetery is all day and it is totally free. Therefore, we could visit here whenever we want. I advise that you should arrive here in evening in autumn or spring to find solemnity and avoiding sunny part of the day.


How to get to An Bang Cemetery

It is situated at about 30 km from the city in a suburban village. Therefore, the best way to get to the cemetery is by motorbike or by private car. It is quite near to entertainment places such as Thuan An beach, Thanh Toan Bridge, Tam Giang lagoon and so on. You can book a private car Hue to Hoi An stop to visit the City of Ghosts via Hoi An Private Car Travel and Transports.