Hue DMZ Tour- Vietnam Demilitarized Zone

The DMZ Vietnam tour- Vietnam DMZ full day tour from Hue is an ideal experience for those interested in learning about the history of Vietnam War. When you book DMZ tour, you will see a reenactment of one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War period.

Hue DMZ Tour

Most importantly, the Vietnam DMZ day tour from Hue is a DMZ private tour, so you are the decider. That is to say, you can decide the time to depart from Hue to the Vietnamese demilitarized zone.

Vietnam DMZ Tour

Where is the DMZ in Vietnam? According to the signed Geneva Agreement of 1954, the demilitarized zone in Vietnam is located on the Ben Hai River in Quang Tri province, with the 17th parallel as the temporary boundary dividing the North and South.

Vietnam DMZ Tour from Hue

This historical event remarked the end of Vietnam War and restoring peace in Indochina. It marked a glorious victory for the Vietnamese nation. However, it also opened a new historical period.

DMZ Vietnam

Our Hue DMZ Tour is the best DMZ tour that helps tourists step back in time and witness the scene of brutal history of the America Vietnam war. Until now, Quang Tri province has still some remaining historical remnants in Vietnam DMZ. For instance, Quang Tri ancient citadel, Hien Luong Bridge, Ben Hai River, Khe Sanh Combat Base, Vinh Moc Tunnels, Truong Son Trails, and so on.

Moreover, there are many monuments and large graves dedicated to Vietnam War soldiers. All of them are heroes that lay down their life for their motherland to desire a peaceful, independence, freedom, and happy life.


When you have filled in all of the necessary information about yourself in the DMZ tour booking form, our professional guide and private car driver will pick you up at your hotel in Hue city. After that, we drive you to the Vietnam Demilitarized Zone in Quang Tri province when everything is ready. The tour of DMZ from Hue – DMZ full day tour will start.

What To Explore In This Vietnam DMZ Tour?

As you know, only the 800 km2 strip of land in Quang Tri province suffered half a million tons of bombs and bullets. Calculating a head of people suffered more than 7 tons of bombs destroyed. 

Quang Tri ancient citadel – the sacred heroic land of Quang Tri, in 81 days and nights of fighting, with an area of about 3km2, was subjected to 328,000 tons of bombs and bullets. It was equivalent to the destructive power of 7 atomic bombs that the US had dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II.

Hue DMZ Tour In The Morning

La Vang Holy Land

Firstly, we will visit the La Vang Holy Land – the center of the Holy Mother of the Catholic Church in Vietnam. There is a myth in this region that the Virgin Mary arrived in 1978 to protect Christians from misery and misfortune. As a result, they built a sacred shrine near the three banyan trees.

Quang Tri Ancient Citadel

This is the place where the fiercest battle in the history of the Vietnam War took place. It was dubbed the “red summer of fire,” with the unprecedented mobilization of firepower.

Rock Pile Hill

We continue on the Hue DMZ Tour by visi Highway No.9 to Rock Pile Hill. From 1966 to 1968, it was an important military station for America. It was utilized as a watchtower by American soldiers to monitor and observe Vietnamese military operations.

Dakrong Bridge

After that, we will get the opportunity to see the Dakrong bridge in the center of Highway No. 9. As you know, an important component of the Ho Chi Minh route. This bridge leads directly to “Hamburger Hill.”

Khe Sanh Combat Base

We will continue our tour of DMZ in Vietnam by visiting the Khe Sanh combat base(also known as Ta Con airport). The Khe Sanh Combat Base today has a courtyard for numerous captured American tanks and planes that were destroyed during the Battle of Khe Sanh.  

According to the museum’s official estimates, 197 American aircraft were shot down or captured during the 170-day combat. After viewing the Khe Sanh Marine Combat Base, we travel to Highway 1 for lunch at a small restaurant.

DMZ Vietnam Tour In The Afternoon

Long Hung Church

Long Hung Church is a Catholic church built in 1955. This church played a very important role in fighting back the enemy’s counterattacks. It contributes to the maintenance of the ancient citadel during the 81 days and nights of history.

Moreover, this church is a relic of the Vietnam War. It is a place to mark the heroic and extraordinary fighting spirit of the people’s army of Vietnam.

Con Tien – Doc Mieu Base

In 1947, the Doc Mieu base used to be the base of the French colonialists to set up a military fort, so this place is also known as Ba Doc fort. Besides, it was also an important point base of the Mc Namara line. 

Here, the enemy has built a system of vaulted tunnels fixed with concrete and artillery positions underground. The surounding area of the base is a barbed wire fence capable of reporting enemies.

Hien Luong Bridge – Ben Hai River

The French colonists built the Hien Luong Bridge, commonly known as the Peace Bridge, across the Ben Hai River in 1950. It is only 178 meters long, but Vietnam took 20 years to reunite both the North and the South.

Vinh Moc Tunnels

Lastly, on our Vietnam DMZ tour, we will go to Vinh Moc Tunnels Vietnam. The Vinh Moc tunnel system here is about 2,034 m long, 0.6-0.8 m high, and 0.9 m wide, divided into three levels, the deepest of which is over 23 m.

Plus, the Vinh Moc tunnel complex was located deep within the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone and protected the population of Vinh Linh county from severe bombardment.

Vinh Moc tunnel saved the villagers’ lives and provided them with the essential living conditions to fight back against the American enemy. Hence, it is the most memorable section of the DMZ tour during the Vietnam War.

After all, at around 4:30 pm, Hoi An Private Car will drive you back to your hotel or your resort in Hue. The DMZ Vietnam private tour – Hue DMZ Tour ends here. Thanks for choosing our DMZ tour! Above all, we wish you an unforgettable trip with us and with your family and friends. See you next trip!

Vietnam DMZ Tour Cost

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If you would like to finish the tour and drop you off at Phong Nha Town, please pay an extra 35$ for the transfer.

Inclusion: Door to door private car, excellent DMZ tour guide, lunch at a local food restaurant, bottles of water, all entrance fees.

Exclusion: Personal expenses, tips.

Children Policy: Children under 5 years old are free of charge.