Vietnam traffic cultures

Vietnam traffic cultures
Vietnam traffic

Most of tourists get shocked with Vietnam traffic when they have the first time traveling to Vietnam. The first image appear in their eyes is there are thousands of thousand of motorbikes on the narrow street. They are driving seemingly out of order. There are not clear street lines on the street for motorbikes, cars, trucks…

They will get used to be few days later when traveling with driver and tour guide. But they are still feel it’s dangerous on their trip such as chauffeur is driving one hand while another hand is calling with his phone. Some tourists get angry and wonder why the driver have to use the horn all the time even in front of him there is only empty street.

Other people are not happy when chauffeur stops his car at Shopping Center for restroom, eating or drink a cup of coffee to wake him up after a long of driving.

In Vietnam, chauffeurs allow to drive with maximum 60km/h on high way and 40km/h through town/city.

For safety driving, Hoi An Private Car requires our driver team stops at least one time per one hour on their trip.