Da Nang To DMZ By Private Car-Hoi An Private Car

Da Nang To DMZ By Private Car

If you love uncovering mysteries about the Vietnam War’s history, the demilitarized zone in Vietnam can help you do just that. Therefore, to reach the Vietnam DMZ, you can book Danang to DMZ by private car with Hoi An Private Car.

Da Nang To DMZ By Private Car-Hoi An Private Car

Danang to DMZ by car with an English-speaking driver is an ideal choice for you to explore the Vietnamese demilitarized zone. Along the way from Da Nang to DMZ by car, you can ask our driver to stop at some places to take photos or sip a cup of coffee.

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Your private ride from Danang to DMZ will start at 8:00 am. Thus, our driver will arrive earlier to pick you up at your accommodation in Da Nang. Then we go to explore the DMZ of Vietnam.

Hien Luong bridge – Ben Hai river

The distance from Da Nang to DMZ is about 210km, so we will drive about 4 hours to get there. Along the way travel from Da Nang to DMZ, we will stop to visit the places as follow:

Lang Co beach

The first place we will visit along the way from Da Nang to DMZ by car is Lang Co beach. This beach is a part of Lang Co Bay Hue and was recognized by World Bay as one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet in 2009.

danang to dmz by private car-Hoi An Private Car
Lang Co beach view from Hai Van pass

Lang Co bay is a masterpiece bestowed by the natural mother, located at the foot of Hai Van Pass. It has a flat beach, beautiful vast blue water, and a diverse and rich ecosystem.

La Vang holy land

Visiting La Vang holy land and walking around the campus, you will feel the comfort and coolness of big old trees. Sit in front of the statue of Our Lady “Maria” to find inner peace and comfort.

Or you can ask for holy water at the holy well of La Vang church to pray for peace and happiness. Regardless of religion, you will still feel peace of mind when coming here.

Hien Luong bridge – Ben Hai river

Ben Hai river and Hien Luong bridge are famous historical landmarks in Vietnam DMZ. These are two “historical witnesses” who carry the pain of dividing the country into North and South for more than 21 years.

danang to dmz by car-Hoi An Private Car
Visitors at Monument “Aspiration to unify the country” in the Ben Hai river’s south bank

Besides, this place has witnessed fierce battles with bombs and bullets, even battles without gunfire, but they are extremely tough and fierce. Plus, in this cluster of relics, there are also the Union house, police stations, museum, etc.

danang to dmz by car-Hoi An Private Car

Long Hung church

Long Hung Church in Quang Tri is considered evidence of great historical value. This church was the key battleground of the main force of the Liberation Army in the fight against counter-attacks to prevent the enemy retake Quang Tri town in the fiery summer war in 1972.

danang to dmz by car-Hoi An Private Car

Also, at this church, our army and people launched a series of large counterattacks and suffered big damage. However, those battles have brought great significance and contributed to the liberation of Quang Tri Citadel after 81 days and nights of fighting.

Doc Mieu firebase

Doc Mieu is considered the most important stronghold of the Mc Namara line. Here the enemy built a system of vaulted tunnels, a system of concrete mobile bunkers and a ground artillery battleground on the north bank of the Ben Hai River. 

danang to dmz by private car-Hoi An Private Car
The monument in Doc Mieu base

Besides, there are the 37th air defense site and many other high-tech systems. Because of its crucial strategic location during the Vietnam War, the US proudly declared that the Doc Mieu base was an “inviolable fortress”.

Vinh Moc tunnels

When traveling from Danang to DMZ Vietnam, the Vinh Moc tunnel is a perfect place underground that you can not miss. Vinh Moc tunnels system is one of the two largest Vietnam war tunnel systems. This tunnel system is the perfect and safe place for the soldiers and the local people to live and fight during the Vietnam war years.

It can be said that the Vinh Moc tunnel is an underground village with works such as domestic water well, rice warehouse, Hoang Cam kitchen, operating room, and maternity house…

danang to dmz by private car-Hoi An Private Car

Vinh Moc Tunnels is a wonderful man-made masterpiece of Vietnamese people, especially the people of Quang Tri province. Hence, this is a place worth the time for you to explore daily life and the fighting spirit of Vietnamese people.

Khe Sanh combat base

Note: On the way from Da Nang to Vietnam DMZ by private car, if you would like to visit Khe Sanh Base, you have to pay an extra fee is 25 USD.

Khe Sanh Combat Base is the historical site that is related to the battle of Khe Sanh in the history of the Vietnam War. This battle lasted 170 days and nights. This place used to be dubbed a Hell on Earth, but now it has become a developed town. 

danang to dmz by car-Hoi An Private Car

Many relics from the Vietnam War years still remain at Khe Sanh Combat Base today. For example, include the Lao Bao prison, Ta Con airport, and Khe Sanh victory museum house.

After visiting all those spots in DMZ of Vietnam, we will drive you back to your hotel, homestay or resort in Da Nang. We end the trip from Da Nang to DMZ by private car here. Hoi An Private Car wishes you a fabulous experience with our round-trip by private car transfer from Danang to DMZ!


  • English – speaking driver.
  • High-quality private car.
  • Door-to-door service (within town center).
  • Petrol, all tolls, and parking fees are included.
  • Bottles of mineral water.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Round trips.


  • Food and drinks.
  • Entrance fees.
  • Additional stops as mentioned in the journey.
  • Gratuities (optional).

Children’s policy

  • The price is per car, not per person.


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