Hue SUP Tour On The Perfume River

Hue SUP Tour On the Perfume River is the private tour to surf SUP on the poetic Perfume River. It is one of the new and acive watersport in Hue city that attracts all kinds of people join.

Nothing is more special than surfing SUP on the beautiful Perfume River, swimming in the clean, clear water as well as enjoy the most attractive moments of the Sunrise/ Sunset in Hue Imperial Citadel.

What is the SUP?

SUP is the abbreviation of the stand-up paddleboard, an interesting water sport originating from Hawaii, the mother country of modern surfing nowadays. Surfing SUP is pretty common in the World but it is just known in Vietnam these days.

Hue SUP Tour on the Perfume River- Hoi An Private Car

With the permission of the Thua Thien Hue goverment, K-event is the only travel company provide the Hue SUP Tour On the Perfume River. This is the active and dynamic watersport that help you reduce streess, get the possitive energy and improve your health.

What is the benefit of Surfing SUP on the Perfume River?

Surfing SUP on the Perfume River is a water sport activity that need the whole body working so it is way better than doing excercise in the GYM or runing.

It helps to improve your physical health: Surfing SUP is an outdoor activity recommended by many experts as a good sport routine, so it is recommended every week because of the benefits of improving your mental health and social life.

Surfing SUp On the Perfume River helps keep fits: One of the top benefits of surfing SUP known as physical activity, is weight loss. You can burn up to 400 calories per hour when kayaking at a speed of 5m / h. This means, just one-afternoon kayaking can help you burn 1600 calories.

The rate per hour is lower than for other types of exercise like running or swimming. However, Surfing SUP usually lasts several hours and this completely fixes the above problem. Especially very few people can run for more than 1 hour while Surfing SUP often identify from the beginning that they will spend a few hours to participate in this activity.

Reduce stress: If you’re feeling stuck and want to live slow down, there’s no better way to go outside. Paddles the SUP on the clear water surface, wonderful natural scenery of the river banks is definitely the best medicine when you are faced with work pressure, thinking about family or personal issues.

Improving Mental Health: Besides helping reduce stress, benefits from surfing SUP also include improved mental health. Rhythmic exercises like surfing SUP, climbing or cycling will help release the chemicals in the brain. These substances influence coordination with your mood and confidence.

This is also a great way to F5 your brain, eliminate all negative thoughts by being active and immersed in nature will help you forget all afflictions and anxieties.

Team Building and Social Connection: Surfing SUP is very easy to learn and does not require too many techniques with high difficulty and complexity so anyone can play. This is a great way to socialize and make friends. Especially on holidays, joining a Surfing SUP group is a great way to socialize. Social interaction is good for your mental health and of course, surfing SUP will directly contribute to this.

Good for the heart: Surfing SUP is good for heart health. You may not know that a person’s heart needs exercise to stay healthy. paddle the SUP will increase heart rate, and thus, heart health is also significantly improved.

Enhance your personal image: Like any sports, Surfing SUP on the Perfume River helps you enhance your personal image beyond what you can imagine, from breaking the speed, distance and personal record time to conquer challenges. , every time you succeed, though small, will help you assert yourself and be more confident.

Vitamin D Supply Activity: The ultimate benefit will probably surprise you, although this is obvious. Surfing SUP requires you to spend a lot of time outdoors so you will absorb a large amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for the body and can be obtained from food but very little. In fact, most of the vitamin D our bodies get is more than 80% from the sun. So, going out on a SUP can completely help you solve the problem of vitamin D.


Option 1: Surfing SUP on the Perfume River at the Sunrise

The best way to do excercise is to wake up early in the morning, going out for a walk, surfing SUP on Perfume river and enjoy the gentle beauty of Hue and Perfume River at the Sunrise.

Itinerary: At 5:00 am to 5:30 am, we will meet up at Da Vien boat station on Bui Thi Xuan Street, Hue City. After listening to the Surfing SUP training course, security regulations, we start surfing the SUP board on Perfume River. Enjoy the new day and beautiful moments of the Sunrise. Swimming on the clean and clear water of Perfume River, get the positive energy for an active day. We will surf from Da Vien Boat station- Quoc Hoc Memorial- Truong Tien Bridge, Ancient royal dragon boat station- back to Da Vien boat station.

Price: VND 120,000/ Person.

Option 2: Surfing SUP on the Perfume River at the Sunset.

Finish a busy and stressful day by surfing SUP on the Perfume River. It would help you remove the stressed day, release the bad chemicals in your brain and get positive energy. Moreover, it is a great chance to enjoy the most beautiful sunset moments on the poetic Perfume River.

Hue SUP Tour on the Perfume River!

Itinerary: At 17:00 pm or 17:30 pm, we will meet up at Da Vien boat station on Bui Thi Xuan Street, Hue City. After listening to the short Surfing SUP training course, safety regulations, we start surfing the SUP board on the Perfume River. It will help to reduce the stress in your brain, get positive energy and enjoy the beautiful moments of the Sunset. Moreover, you also can swim in the clear and crystal water of the river. We will surf from Da Vien Boat station- Quoc Hoc Memorial- Truong Tien Bridge, Ancient royal dragon boat station- back to Da Vien boat station.

Price: VND 120,000/ Person.

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We guarantee the tour quality and make sure you will enjoy our services. Your happiness is our highest target!

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